Tackling Fake News, Together.

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Our mission

The dubio team is developing a community-driven platform to debunk false claims,
so anyone can contribute to tackling misinformation! 


Dubio's community fact-checkers reveal fake news faster than ever before


Dubio’s back-end magic ensures our fact-checking results are reliable


Dubio allows fake news to be identified worldwide, in any language

Dubio won the first prize in the category “Mitigating fake news spreading” of the EUvsVirus Hackathon – the largest hackathon ever, with over 20 000 participants and 2164 submissions! 

Community Feedback

I love your approach to this problem!
Reddit Fact-Checker
I really hope you guys can get this up and running, I'd sign up for sure!
Dv8 International
Medium Reader
Congratulations, remarkable work!
Reddit Fact-Checker
Oh man. I love this so much! This is greatly needed and crucial. Great work!
Reddit Fact-Checker